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SPIDeRR symposium on legal perspectives and practical solutions for medical data sharing in international collaborative research projects. Get hands-on solutions for key challenges in today's data science.

Symposium for (medical) data providers, data analysts and (hospital) lawyers.

High quality research that improves healthcare and overcomes health disparities vitally depends on access to the right data. The introduction of the GDPR, while focused on ensuring data privacy, may have the unintended effect of hampering that access, especially in collaborative research situations. How to avoid pitfalls?

09.00 Welcome and introduction
09.05 Irith Kist: Data/FAIR/GPDR in collaborative research
09.35 Stefan van Aalst: myDRE – a Trusted Research Environment
10.05 Coffee break
10.20 CTcue: Empowering healthcare with real-world evidence
10.50 Martin Frank: Privacy & data governance
11.20 Data Sharing discussion
11.50 End

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